EYE Opener – Training Course On Empowerment in Youth Exchanges

03/12/2013 | News

EYE Opener - Training Course On Empowerment in Youth Exchanges - - Agenzia Nazionale GiovaniTraining Course 28 January – 2 February 2014 Italy

The main purpose of the EYE Opener TC is to enable young people who do not have access to youth exchange training courses, to undertake training and be part of the decision-making process from the very beginning of the project.

EYEOPENER offers an international learning experience to young people and practitioners active in the youth work, enabling them to develop their competences in setting up quality Youth Exchange projects under the Erasmus+ Programme. 
The objectives of EYEOPENER are:

  • to provide an informed introduction to the Erasmus+ Programme, focusing on Youth Exchanges and their capacity to enhance active (European) citizenship, especially (though not exclusively) for newcomers to the programme;
  • to offer an individual and group learning experience through a simulated process on setting up a Youth Exchange project;
  • to develop the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to organise a Youth Exchange, based on non-formal learning practice, principles, and the quality standards of the Erasmus+ Programme;
  • to enable participants to reflect on their learning and to familiarise themselves with Youthpass – the strategy on the recognition of non-formal learning in the youth field, its technical tool to produce Youthpass Certificates, and its application in Youth Exchanges in particular and the Erasmus+ Programme in general;
  • to offer the opportunity to meet possible partner groups and to make contacts in other countries.

The partnership balance between adults and young people is crucial for the success of EYE Opener. Each ‘home team’ must consist of at least one young person and one adult youth worker / youth leader. Two young people can attend from a group, with one or two youth worker / youth leader adults, if appropriate. Two young people is the maximum per ‘home team’.
It is important that the youth worker/youth leader adult(s) undertakes responsibility for the behavior of the young person(s). For this reason, it is important the young person(s) knows the adult(s). It is also advisable for the adult(s) to agree a behavioural code with the young person(s) before attending EYE Opener.

Deadline: 6th of December

Where to apply: https://www.salto-youth.net/tools/european-training-calendar/training/eye-opener-training-course-on-empowerment-in-youth-exchanges.3927/

Contacts: Luca Pignocco: l.pignocco[at]agenziagiovani.it; Fabiana Di Carlo: f.dicarlo[at]agenziagiovani.it


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